Achieving maximum future value for our customers and creating new value in our business


Chairman and President, Group CEO

Future Corporation (then Future System Consulting Corp.) was founded in November 1989. As symbolized by the fall of the Berlin Wall, this was a time when the old order was fading and the world was at the brink of major change. Sensing that a new era had arrived, I decided that the time was right to break away from past values and boldly take on new challenges. I founded a completely new type of consulting firm, one that uses IT knowhow to integrate corporate strategy with IT strategy.

Since then, our mission has been to increase our clients’ future value to the greatest extent possible. We have developed a unique approach to consulting. Working as partners to managers, we think carefully about the ideal condition a business should be in and use cutting-edge IT to propose, build, and operate the perfect system for making that ideal a reality.

In April 2016, Future Group become a holding company as part of our ongoing pursuit of growth and evolution in the future. The IT consulting business will remain a core business of Future Group, but the Group as a whole will develop other original services and businesses, capitalizing on our IT expertise. In this way, the Group will strive to be an astute and compact friend to the future wielding technology as its weapon. We will create a positive cycle whereby Group companies share with each other the knowhow they obtained in developing technologically innovative businesses and services, and convert this knowhow into added value for customers.

We will continue to develop ourselves as a corporate group with high future value, and deliver innovation to society.