Future GROUP

With technology at our core, we relentlessly embrace the challenge of the unknown

Future Group has developed technology-based businesses in two main areas: “IT consulting and services” and “business innovation.” We contribute to the creation of new services in digital marketing, IT education, e-commerce, and various other fields. We do this by sharing among our Group the business and technological knowhow that Future Architect and other Group companies have accumulated over the many years of providing IT consulting services to a wide range of customers.

Being a compact corporate group with technology at its core is one of Future Group’s key strengths. Each member of the Group works astutely in their own area of expertise while also collaborating with each other, thus enabling the Group to swiftly generate innovative businesses and services. We operate a positive cycle whereby Group companies share with each other the insights they obtained in this process and convert this knowhow into added value for customers. In this way, we continually embrace new challenges and generate high value.