FUTURE AGENDA is an integrated web platform where the FUTURE GROUP*1 can share thoughts and hold discussions with various stakeholders about the ”future”. To deliver information at an optimal timing, the contents are web-based and are updated frequently. This unique platform not only serves to report on the FUTURE GROUP’s past initiatives but also provides an agenda to enhance dialogue about our future.

FUTURE AGENDA is composed of two parts; FUTURE’S NOW and FUTURE’S NEXT.
FUTURE’S NOW provides information about the current status of the Group. In addition to our financial performance and business portfolio, FUTURE’S NOW also introduces non-financial information, which includes SDGs, ESG, diversity and inclusion initiatives. FUTURE’S NEXT features actual stories that give a glimpse of the changes at the forefront of the FUTURE GROUP. The contents encourage internal and external stakeholders to discuss the Group’s future and the various initiatives we should engage in.

*1 FUTURE GROUP is the general term which refers to the holding company FUTURE Corporation, and its group companies combined.


The story behind FUTURE AGENDA

When the Tokyo Stock Exchange was restructured into three new market segments (Prime Market, Standard Market, and Growth Market) in April 2022, FUTURE Corporation (hereinafter referred to as “FUTURE” or “the Company”) decided to become a member of the Prime Market*2 . The Prime Market is a market for companies focused on engaging in constructive dialogues with global investors. FUTURE has been actively communicating with investors and analysts both in Japan and overseas. And with the growing global trend toward management focusing on sustainable growth and addressing social issues, FUTURE has decided to commit to proactively communicating the Company’s stance on non-financial issues such as SDGs, ESG, diversity and inclusion. FUTURE AGENDA was created to provide a platform where a wide range of stakeholders including customers, employees, and employees’ families can cooperate and engage in discussions to further increase the corporate value of the FUTURE GROUP.

FUTURE was founded in 1989; the year of the “fall of the Berlin Wall”. As our beginnings coincided with a time of transformative change, we have always believed in the importance of social reform and self-transformation. Each staff holds the mission to create a better society by applying the latest technology.
FUTURE GROUPS’ core business is IT consulting. As an IT strategic partner, we have always been close to clients in various industries, integrating management, operations and IT; promoting digital transformation (DX) and business reform. We continue to create new values by taking on our clients’ biggest challenges. This is the reason why FUTURE GROUP will not present a static, singular vision. Instead, FUTURE AGENDA aims to generate discussions about our future by featuring actual stories of self and societal transformational changes.

*2 For more information about the stock market restructuring, refer to Japan Exchange Group website. (https://www.jpx.co.jp/english/equities/market-restructure/)

Key Themes (Materiality) for the FUTURE GROUP

The following three themes are important to the FUTURE GROUP. New information will be added to FUTURE AGENDA around these themes.

1) Social Reform

The FUTURE GROUP will create new values for the clients’ future through supporting management and business reform, utilizing our system and services. This should contribute to solving social issues and lead the change towards a better society. For example, the delay in installing DX and cloud computing is a major issue for many Japanese companies. Improvement in these areas will not only create flexibility and efficiency for businesses. It will also contribute to reforming work styles, revitalizing local communities, and reducing environmental impact through energy conservation. Based on our creed of “be the creator if it does not exist”, we will contribute to the business innovation and social development of our clients by transforming the knowledge gained from innovative technology-based businesses and services.

2) Self-transformation

To transform society and increase the FUTURE GROUP’s corporate value, our employees and the Company itself must continue to transform. The FUTURE GROUP became a holding company in 2016 and has been pursuing growth through a “Two-Way Strategy” that combines its core IT Consulting business with Business Innovation. Business Innovation offers unique services based on the knowledge and expertise that have been cultivated over the years. FUTURE GROUP’s consultants have the opportunity to become CEOs and CTOs of our operating companies. This creates an opportunity for a hands-on approach to management; a unique and valuable career path for our consultants.
The FUTURE GROUP also values diversity and inclusion. Regardless of gender, cultural background and values, our employees have the liberty and responsibility of choosing where and how to work. This gives them opportunities to build their careers and play active roles, even as their lifestyles change. We believe that these efforts will serve as a foundation for the future expansion of our overseas business.

3) Technology

FUTURE GROUP is always on top of the latest technological trends and can suggest the best solution for clients. If the technology does not exist, we will design and develop original solutions. As a result, we possess a large amount of intellectual property. With accumulated expertise in both management and IT, we can identify and implement the optimal technology to solve clients’ needs. We believe this to be one of our core strengths and a driver for change.

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