Integrating IT and business
and being an architect of
social innovation

In April 2016, Future Architect started afresh as a core company of Future Group following the group’s shift to a stock company structure.

The word architect is derived from the ancient Greek word arkhitéktōn, which means a master craftsman well-versed in the principles of his trade.

This perfectly encapsulates Future Architect’s business model. We help clients find the optimal way to integrate IT into their businesses so as to achieve business success. In doing so, we also craft the future of society and spark innovation.

Our mission is to provide IT-based business management solutions that will maximize the client’s future value.

Our strength lies in our keen eye for technological innovation and in our technological prowess with which we put this insight to use. Since our foundation, we have used this strength to gain a deep understanding of the essence of our clients’ businesses, enabling us to identify the ideal condition the business should be in, and achieve the perfect system for making that ideal a reality.

We provide a wide range of solutions to a diverse array of businesses, including manufacturers, retailers, service businesses, and financial businesses such as banks, securities companies, and card companies.

Information systems are a core part of business strategy and operation. As such, they are indispensable to business management.

A business strategy only has meaning if it can be put into action, and a strategic system only has value insofar as it contributes to business management. Leveraging our profound insights and knowhow in business strategy, business processes, and technology, we provide an all-encompassing set of solutions from formulating business management and IT strategies, to designing, developing, operating, and maintaining the systems for implementing the strategies.

To ensure that we remain an irreplaceable IT strategy consultant to top executives, we will continue to set our sights beyond the present time and challenge ourselves by venturing into new and unknown fields. We will continue our efforts to evolve into the perfect architect—the principal builder of the future—by surveying the overall shape of society, incorporating it into our designs, and crafting innovation, so as to generate new added value. In this way, we will contribute to the Japan of tomorrow.


Yuki Shingu