Corporate Profile

Company Name
Future Architect, Inc.
April 1st, 2016
(Future Architect has succeeded Future Corporation’s IT consulting business)
Yasufumi Kanemaru
Yuki Shingu
Future Architect provides IT-based consulting solutions. We work with clients to develop a shared executive perspective of the business management challenges they face, and gain a full understanding of the essence of their businesses. We then use our practical expertise and innovative technology to construct information systems that will help the customer develop their business.
Tokyo (Osaki)
Branch Offices
Osaka, Kagoshima
Yasufumi Kanemaru

ChairmanYasufumi Kanemaru

Apr 1979
Joined TKC Corporation
Apr 1982
Joined Logic Systems International (presently Logic Corporation)
Sep 1985
The youngest Executive Director, NTT PC Communications
Nov 1989
Established Future System Consulting Corp.
Mar 2006
President and Chief Executive Officer, Future System Consulting Corp.
Apr 2016
Chairman and President, Group CEO, Future Corporation (- present)
Chairman, Future Architect, Inc. (- present)
Acting Chair in the Regulatory Reform Promotion Council at the Cabinet Office, member of the Cabinet Secretariat’s Council on Investments for the Future, member of the Council for the Realization of Work Style Reform, member of the METI New Industrial Structure Committee, member of the IoT Support Committee of the METI IoT Acceleration Lab, member of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare Expert Committee for Strengthening the Insurer Function and Achieving High Quality Medical Care in an Age of Data Health, Vice President of the Japan Association of Corporate Executives, Representative Executive Officer and Executive Vice President of Nippon Institute for Research Advancement (NIRA), and specially appointed Vice-Chair of the Japan Handball Association.
Yuki Shingu

PresidentYuki Shingu

Apr 1994
Joined City Ascom Co., LTD.
Feb 1998
Joined Established Future System Consulting Corp.
Oct 2014
Joined Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd.
Apr 2017
Joined Future Corporation
Executive Officer, Future Architect, Inc.
Mar 2019
Director, Future Corporation (- present)
President, Future Architect, Inc. (- present)
Yohei Saito

Board DirectorYohei Saito

Apr 2001
Joined Future System Consulting Corp. (now Future Corporation)
Jan 2007
Manager of Research & Development Division, Future Architect, Inc. (now Future Corporation)
May 2009
Head of Technology Application Strategy Office
Dec 2014
Director, Micro CAD Co., Ltd.
Feb 2015
Vice President, Technology Innovation Group, Future Architect, Inc.
Sep 2015
Director, CodeCamp Inc.
Apr 2016
Board Director and Chief Technology Officer, Future Architect, Inc. (the Company)
Executive Officer, Future Corporation
Sep 2016
Visiting Scholar, Stanford University
Mar 2018
Director, Chief Technology Officer, Future Corporation (- present)
Mar 2019
Director, Future Architect, Inc. (- present)