Future Global Design

We work together
with our clients to maximize
their future value with IT

Our Mission

Designing our clients’ business and
IT in their future

Our mission is to understand the essence of business and to create new value for our client’s future through IT innovation using the latest technology.

We aim to maximize corporate value and bring about innovation in society by embodying management strategies into systems and providing strategic systems that contribute to business promotion.

Consulting Services

We provide professional Consulting Services from a neutral and fair standpoint, working in tandem with client’s team in any phase of your project.

Project Flow

Example of Specific DX・IT Planning Methods

Plan with a clear understanding of
the current situation

Planning Methods


Domain Specific Solutions We provide professional support to solve domain specific problems in various business areas.


Package Solutions We provide various solutions created by our deep technology Knowledge and rich Experience in IT consulting for numerous clients.

  • FutureAI-OCR


    FutureAI-OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is a solution that allows AI to analyze and automatically input data from non-standard forms without the need to define the format in advance.
    It can read items that require accuracy, such as invoice amounts, and mixed handwritten and typed forms with high accuracy, achieving 97-99% recognition accuracy (based on our verification), which greatly improves the efficiency of data entry work.

  • FutureAI-OCR


    FutureVuls is a service based on the OSS vulnerability scanner Vuls(GitHub #1 Trending, developed by Future Corporation), which automatically extracts only the vulnerabilities relevant to your system from the large number (over 10,000 per year) of vulnerabilities disclosed daily.
    It provides full support for vulnerability management, including post-detection operational tasks such as impact analysis, countermeasure studies, and production environment adaptation to strengthen decision-making on security measures and ensure business continuity.


  • Hirotaka Hamada

    Hirotaka Hamada

    Managing Director

    He is experienced in IT Strategies, Planning and System Development for major financial institutions including Reporting systems where he has handled Regulatory reporting for several banks in APAC. He has also supported several newly launched subsidiaries/branch overall IT Planning and execution.

  • Junji Takeshima

    Junji Takeshima

    Senior Director

    Equipped with about 30 years of experience working for Japanese Mega bank. Main experience includes CORE Banking replacement projects (US, Canada, APAC) and payment system enhancement projects. From planning to execution, he has experience in carrying out various projects.

  • Takashi Yanagihara

    Takashi Yanagihara


    He is experienced in IT Strategy formulation support in System Development, Operations and Maintenance for major Logistics companies for approximately 10 years. He holds an MBA from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore and Waseda University, Japan.

  • Vincent, Lin

    Vincent, Lin

    Senior Manager

    Delivering solutions from multiple APAC countries with top tier Banks, he is experienced in critical project deliveries under harsh conditions and Operations planning within the Banking and Finance Industry.

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